Natalie Jermijenko

Natalie Jeremijenko – artist and engineer and my given designer for my Design and Technology class. The word designer is used loosely. Her diverse background extends to biochemistry, physics, neuroscience, engineering and computer science. She seeks to use new technologies and thinking for social and environmental good.

She runs NYUs Environmental Health Clinic which takes a new approach to health. It redefines health as not of the pharmaceutical type but environmental which we share and can improve together.

The environment is very important to Natalie Jermijenko and she wants to actively improve it as she says environmentalism is not about cutting back but getting out and doing more. She poses the brilliant question of” how do we use the massive force of people as a social good?” The power of a collective social movement cannot be underestimated but how do you harness and encourage this. It is a question to which Natalie Jermijenko tries to provide a solution.

Her solutions are very simple, practical but very exciting and fun. Some of her best work will be discussed in future posts.

Interesting Article New York Times Magazine – The artist who talks with the fishes In the article we are given a very insightful interview and a look into her many important projects. However she has been labelled as an “Artist”. However unlike many other artists her work seems to have real simple functionality so much so that many are being looked at in a mass scale. She does have many experimental and thought provoking work which would lean more towards art that creates awareness and action but most of her work is just simple solutions to problems which make her more of a designer and engineer.