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I am a designer and inventor. I have recently graduated from Product Design Engineering at The University if Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art with a First Class.




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Launching My First Design

Today I launched my first design. Beerhead – a unique 3D printed bottle opener. It has been a while in the making but feels amazing to actually make something and sell it. I have opened a shop on Shapeways were I plan to combine my love for beer and design to sell unique 3D printed bottle openers.

Although it is a simple product, learning the whole process of designing, marketing and selling is invaluable as a Product Designer. Website such a Shapeways are empowering anyone to design and sell very easily and I am very excited for what lies ahead!

This is just the beginning!

  • Amphibious-Architecture

Natalie Jeremijenko Projects

OOZ by  Natalie Jeremijenko is a series a sites where animals and humans interact. Its interactions provide humans a set of actions, the animals provide the reactions and these couplets add to a collective pool of observations.


One of the main projects form this is called  Amphibious Architecture. Sensors are placed into the river and monitor the water quality, presence of fish and human interest in the river ecosystem. The lights respond to the sensors and create feedback loops between the humans, fish and their shared environment. The project creates better understanding through a curiosity and engagement and establishes a two way interface. It makes the invisible visible and sparks public interest and discussion.




Another of her projects involves improving urban farming and foods. One of her ideas is a practical solutions to encourage urban farming called AgBags seen above. These will become a Kickstarter campaign later this year. For designers like Natalie Jeremijenko who are trying to progress and change things, having a avenue such as Kickstarter allows them to get backing and funding but mainly to give their solution to the world. With the new industrial revolution it is now possible to take an idea to the world and for that idea to change things for the better. All designers trying to change things now have more power to do so.


Picture credit – AnimalArchitecture

Environmental Health Clinic

Natalie Jermijenko wants to redefine what we describe as health focusing  on environmental health. The problems can be shared and dealt with together through collective action as if we improve the environment personally it improve it for every one.

The theory is good and the idea is good but how exactly is the change implemented?

One example given in the video is of using a tadpole to act as a water bio-sensor  indicating the levels of pollutants and toxins in your local water supply. The idea is that you would take your tadpole out for a walk and with a “tadpole walker” which would start a conversation with our neighbours about your shared water quality. Personally I just think this is very silly and distracts from the very credible work and principle that it is based on. She claims to use new technology to actively improve the environment and this is a really opportunity to use technology such as sensors and the social technology of social sensors to share and actively improve your local water quality.


Another project is Mussel Choir. It is public artwork that turns mussels into instruments by using Hall sensors, which indicate the opening and closing of the shells, to give each of them a voice by converting the data into sound. The mussels are a biological meaningful measure of pollutants and this measure can then be relayed to the public in an exciting way to improve their understanding and awareness. Read more »

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